How to Modify Your Roof to Save on Energy Costs

POSTED ON : November 23, 2015 | 3 Comment
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How to Modify Your Roof to Save on Energy Costs

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As most of the sun’s rays fall on the roof, it gets hot very quickly. This heat then radiates throughout the rest of the house. As this heat is at its peak during the summer you end up spending more on electricity to keep your house cool. But if you make some simple modifications to your roof you should be able to save on energy costs.

Therefore, we are going to show you how to modify your roof to save on energy costs…

How to Modify Your Roof to Save on Energy Costs

Place a cool roof:

There are special roofs know as ‘cool roofs’ that can be placed over your regular roof. These roofs are designed using material that can reflect more light and heat. By installing them, you should be able to lower the temperature of your home by 50°F. This will save you high amounts of money on energy costs.

Paint your roof white:

Black color absorbs light of all wavelengths and converts them to heat. Other colors absorb colors of all wavelengths except the one that matches theirs. While white is the only color that reflects light of all wavelengths and most of the heat too. Hence, if you want to quickly lower the amount of heat your roof absorbs, you should paint it white.

There are also special white paints available that have the ability to cool your roof. A few coats of them and your roof will begin to cool down your house instead of heating it up. If you go for this option make sure you pick one that is environment friendly.

Place a good layer of insulation below your roof:

Insulation doesn’t just help retain hot air inside the house during the winter. It also helps keep the hot air out during the summer. This is why if you want to reduce the amount of heat that enters your house, you should apply a good layer of insulation right below your roof. It will prevent the sun’s heat from radiating through the roof and into the house.

If you take the above steps you should be able to modify your roof to save on energy costs. Hence, you make sure you follow all of them.

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