How to Quickly Get Your Hail Damaged Roof Fixed

POSTED ON : May 26, 2015 | 3 Comment
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How to Quickly Get Your Hail Damaged Roof Fixed

Tips to Get Your Hail Damaged Roof Fixed

Did the recent hail storms damage your roof? Would you like to learn how to quickly fix your hail damaged roof?

Hail storms are problematic. They can cause both dents and cracks on your roof. You need to get this damaged fixed as quickly as possible as it can cause several problems like leakage of water into the house (this could damage flooring and other belongings) and damage of insulation. Sometimes hail damage might not cause any holes or cracks, but you need to get it fixed anyway as the damage could expand and lead to bigger expensive problems.

So here are some tips on how to quickly fix your hail damaged roof…

Check for damage:

How to Quickly Fix Your Hail Damaged RoofThe first step to fixing a hail damaged roof is to check for damage. The easiest way to do this is by checking for leaks. If you notice water leaking into your house when it rains, it is a clear sign of hail damage.

Leaks aren’t the only sign of hail damage, so go out of your house and take a look at the roof from the yard itself. There are three types of damages you need to look for. These include missing asphalt pieces, shingles and cracks. Even though cracks are the most worrying you need to get all three of them fixed as soon as possible. So if you notice any of these three types of damage, contact a roof repair company right away.

Finding a roofing and roof repair company:

While looking for a roof repair company, you will notice that there are two types, those with a license adjuster and those without. We at ECR Roofing are an example of a roofing company with our own licensed adjuster. After you contact us, our roofing experts will check the damage and converse with the adjuster. The adjuster will then speak to the insurance company and negotiate a deal on your behalf for free to help you get maximum coverage of expenses.

After that the roofing company will fix your roof quickly. This is a lot cheaper than contacting the insurance agency and having them assess it for you.

This is how to quickly fix your hail damaged roof. What else can one do to speed up the process of fixing roofs? Please leave your comments below.

Image Credit: State Farm


  • Checking for damage after a hailstorm is really smart. If you do a check, you can catch any repairs that will need to be made before they become serious. Calling a roofing repair company would help to catch any other damage that you might not be able to.

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