When is it Time to Get a New Roof

POSTED ON : October 28, 2015 | 1 Comment
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When is it Time to Get a New Roof?

When is it Time to Get a New Roof

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Most problems with your roof can be fixed with a few repairs, but sometimes a simple fix will not do. Your roof will require a complete replacement instead. Replacement can be due to various reasons.

We have discussed all the signs that indicate when it is time to get a new roof in this article…

Old age:

When is it Time to Get a New RoofMost roofs reach their age limit at 20 to 25 years, unless your roof is made of slate which can last over 100 years. If your roof recently reached 20 years of age and is a single layered roof, you need to assess it. If it appears frail get it replaced immediately.

Frequent repairs:

If you frequently notice leaks or cracks in your roof no matter how many times you get it fixed, then it is definitely time for a replacement. Getting your roof fixed repeatedly is both expensive and time consuming. Replacing it entirely with a new one will save you money in the long run and will relieve plenty of stress.

Blocked gutters:

If your rain gutters are regularly getting blocked, you need to take a closer look at what is causing these blocks. Constant gutter blockage is usually the result of shingle granules peeling off the roof and settling in the gutter. If you inspect the top of the roof you will notice shingles missing. It is a clear sign of an aging roof that needs to be replaced.

Worn out flashing:

Chimney, vents and other objects that protrude out of your roof are surrounded by material made out of aluminum and steel. This material is called flashing and it prevents water from entering the house. If this material gets damaged it needs to be replaced. While replacing the flashing you are required to replace the surrounding roof tiles and sometimes the entire roof.

If you notice any of the above problems contact a roofing repairman immediately. They will be able to confirm if it is time to get a new roof or if a quick fix will do. You can contact us at ECR roofing if you need an assessment.

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